March 2019: CJ completed her Novice FAST title and also got a leg on Open, and 2 legs towards Masters Jumpers.

February 2019: CJ completed her Agility Excellent Jumpers title and also got a second leg on Novice Fast.

December 2018: Seven passed his IPO3 with 98-85-90=273 with High Track.

December 2018: CJ completed her Excellent Standard Agility title and got her first leg on Excellent Jumpers with weaves.

November 2018: Seven passed his IPO2 with 98-92-88=278, High Track, High Obedience and High in Trial!

September 2018: CJ completed her Open Jumpers Agility title and got her first 2 legs on Excellent Standard in September 2018 in Middletown, NY

June 2018: CJ and Martin earned their FH with 95 points and Seven and Lou earned their IPO1 with 100-80-94a=274pts at the Quinebaug Schutzhund Club Spring trial.

May 2018: Martin competed with CJ and Lou with Inigo at the 2018 Working Dog Championships in Ohio. Both dogs passed, completed very nice SG tracks. CJs obedience was very nice and energetic despite the heat. Inigo was a little dominant in Obedience but he completed all the exercises. CJ did a nice protection routine, but bumped the sleeve with her teeth a lot and lost a lot of points! Inigo had a good round showing his usual excellent grips and power, but his guarding suffered from some work to keep him clean!

April 2018: CJ completed her Open Agility title and got her first leg on Open Jumpers at the Easter weekend trial in McKinney, TX

January 2018: Click here to read our New Year 2018 Newsletter!

December 2017: CJ completed her Novice Agility Jumpers title and 2 legs of her Open Standard, she had a couple of very nice 100pt runs in JWW!
November 2017: CJ competed at the 2017 UScA National Championships in Indianapolis. CJ tried hard in the tracking but conditions were tough and her preparation was lacking, after obedience, she had a very slight lameness so we pulled from protection to prevent a possible worse injury.
October 2017: CJ and Seven both passed their AKC Canine Good Citizen title.
September 2017: CJ completed her 6th IPO3 at the Quinebaug Fall trial with 96-95-88a=279pts and fulfilled the requirements to enter the 2017 UScA National Championships!

Seven passed his BH and AD!
September 2017: CJ competed at the 2017 New England Regional Championships, she finished in 10th place, was High Female and we also received the High Double-X Trophy!
August 2017: CJ was awarded the GSDCA Performance Award of Merit for competing in 3 separate disciplines. The PAM is a program to recognize the versatility of the GSD - Click Here for information.
July 2017: CJ got an invite to compete at the Obedience Invitational!!

Congratulations, your dog has met the eligibility requirements to enter the AKC Obedience Classic in Orlando, Florida on December 16-17, 2017!
May 2017: CJ completed her AKC CDX with 191pts from the Open B class at Allentown Obedience Club in Pennsylvania in May 2017.
February 2017: Seven had X-rays of his hips and elbows taken which were sent to the SV in Germany, both were rated A-Normal.
December 2016: Click here to read our Christmas 2016 Newsletter!

October 2016: In October 2016, CJ completed her lifetime breed survey and Seven was rated SG at Quinebaug's Fall Show.
May 2016: Our "E" Litter arrived on May 18th 2016!
4 males (3 sable, 1 black & tan)
3 females (1 sable, 2 black & tan)

Click here for more info about the litter
January 2016: CJ completes her final leg for her AKC Novice Agility title on a snowy day in Hamden, CT. She also begins showing in Open Obedience.
December 2015: Click here to read our Christmas 2015 Newsletter!

November 2015: CJ got 2 qualifying legs for Novice Standard Agility at the Big E.
November 2015: Inigo was awarded the Helpers Favorite trophy at the 2015 UScA National Championships! Both dogs passed their first National Championship.

Inigo came in 17th place with 92-80-95=266 G and CJ came 39th with 84-77-85=246 G. Inigo was extremely impressive in his Protection, and unfortunately missed the voraus in Obedience.

CJ had a tough area on her track and worked very hard to get back, she had a very early flight in the stadium on the first day. Her Protection was extremely nice, the judge complimented her power and grips, she was the second highest female in Protection.
October 2015: CJ is the 2015 New England Regional Universal Siegerin!

She competed at the Regional IPO Championship achieving 6th place and the Regional Conformation Show earning SG1 in the Working Female class.
September 2015: CJ and Inigo qualified for the 2015 UScA National Championships at the Quinebaug Fall Trial. CJ scored 97-95-91a=283 and Inigo took the High Tracking trophy with 99-92-96a=287.
September 2015: We had a very successful weekend at the New England Regional Championships. Inigo completed his IPO2 in 2nd place. CJ came 6th place overall IPO3 and also got High Tracking and High Double-X (for female dog and female handler)!
May 2015: Inigo completed his IPO1 at the Quinebaug Spring Trial with 98-95-96=289V!!
April 2015: Huge Congratulations to Stan and Barkley who achieved their IPO3 at the DFW Working Dogs Trial!
February 2015: The Brimwylf "D" Litter was born February 19th 2015,
3 males (2 sable, 1 bi-color), 1 female (sable)
Click here for more info about the litter.
January 2015: Congratulations to Stan and Barkley who achieved their IPO2 at the DFW Working Dogs Winter Trial!
December 2014: CJ has been bred to Hobbit von der Donnerbr├╝cke! Click here for more information.
December 2014: Apollo completed his final IPO3 before retiring from IPO at the Cypress Working Dogs trial in Texas with 95-92-90=277. Congratulations also to Stan and Barkley who achieved their IPO1 with 94-88-88=270!
December 2014: Click here to read our Christmas 2014 Newsletter!

November 2014: Apollo competed at the 2014 UScA German Shepherd Dog IPO3 National Championships, he was disqualified in protection after re-engaging after the final drive.
October 2014: CJ passed her IPO3 at Quinebaug Schutzhund Club's Fall Trial in October 2014 with 95-94-93a=282!!
September 2014: New England Regional Championships 2014

Apollo achieved 4th place with 97-90-90=277 and Inigo and Marty passed their BH title.
August 2014 Congratulations to Faisal and Creasy on their BH title!
July 2014: CJ finished her AKC CD Obedience title with a second place at Port Chester Obedience Club.
June 2014: We had a big weekend! Apollo completed his seventh IPO3 with 96-95-97a=288V. He was high IPO3 and High in Trial! CJ achieved her IPO2 with 98-88-90a=276 and Inigo passed his AD.

On Sunday Inigo received a G rating in the 18-24mth Male class. CJ was rated SG in the Working Female class and passed her first Koer.
May 2014: Apollo competed in the 2014 Working Dog Championship. We unfortunately failed the track, did our obedience in hard rain and had some guarding issues in protection, but Apollo had a good time!
February 2014: CJ completed the first leg of her AKC CD obedience title in Hartford, CT with a third place finish and a high German Shepherd trophy!
December 2013: Click here to read our Christmas Newsletter!

October 2013: CJ passed her IPO1 with 96-88-90a=274. She also achieved High IPO1 and High in Trial!
July 2013: Gana and Apollo received their UScA Working Champion titles. The Working Champion title consists of at least three IPO3 scores over 270, one of which is earned at a regional or national trial. Click on the certificates to see a larger picture.
June 2013: Gana earned her IPO3 with 95-90-90=275, High Obedience, Joint High Tracking and Second in Trial! This completes the requirements for the UScA Working Champion title.
May 2013: CJ got her 2 year old final hip and elbow certifications, OFA Good Hips and Normal Elbows!

Inigo had preliminary x-rays which were rated Good Hips and Normal Elbows.
March 2013: Congrats to Gero and Cigany on their BH!
January 2013: Sad news - Bodeus passed away a few months before his 12th birthday.

Good bye to the dog who started it all - Galon vom Drackland SchH3 IPO3 VPG3 FH AD UD NA TC CGC WUSV
December 2012: Click here to read our Christmas Newsletter!

Welcome to our new addition - Inigo von den Wannaer Höhen!
December 2012: Gana passed her FH advanced tracking title with 86 points on very dry dirt in a strong wind!

Congrats also to Stan and Barkley on passing their BH!
November 2012: Gana passed her AKC obedience CD title in 3 straight tries with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and a high score of 195!
October 2012: CJ passed her BH and AD at the Oklahoma Schutzhund club at just 18 months old!
July 2012: Apollo completed the first 2 legs of his AKC CDX obedience title at the Reliant Center in Houston with 190 - 2nd place and 195 - 1st place. He then went on to complete his 3rd and final leg at Longview Kennel Club a week later with 196 - 1st place.
April 2012: Apollo competed at the Working Dog Championship in Ohio and finished with 87-88-82=257. We still had no voraus in obedience and were a little out of control in protection!

Congrats also to Cody and Balius who passed their first National level event!
March 2012: Belladonna passed her IPO1 with 93-86-81=260 at the DFW Working Dogs March Trial.

Apollo also passed his FH (advanced tracking) title.
February 2012: Congratulations to Cody and Balius for achieving their first IPO3 HOT at the South Central Regional Championships with 96-89-94=279!

Apollo also achieved his fifth IPO3 with 94-82-96=272. He also got the Helpers Pick trophy and was one of only 2 dogs with a V in protection.

Apollo and Balius are both qualified for the UScA German Shepherd Dog National Championships in November in Nashville!!
February 2012: CJ had OFA prelim x-rays taken and received a Good rating for hips and normal elbows!! Click here for CJ's page.
December 2011: Congratulations to Cody and Balius for achieving their SchH2 with 97-87-91=275 at the DFW Working Dogs December Trial.

Apollo also achieved his fourth SchH3 with 91-93-94=278.
December 2011: Apollo achieved his third SchH3 with 97-90-92=279 and Belladonna passed her BH at the Greater Dallas Trial on December 3rd.
November 2011: Congrats to Cabana (Anna) and her owners on their Canine Good Citizen title, the first titled pup in our C litter!!

November 2011:

Belladonna passes the CGC title in Duncanville, TX.

November 2011:

Apollo and Gana competed at the 2011 UScA National Championships. Both dogs completed a nice obedience routine, Apollo had some trouble with the finishes and send away and Gana anticipated the stand and tapped the jump both ways. Unfortunately in the protection, Apollo launched early on the escape and slipped off the grip, and Gana missed the grip, so both dogs were terminated. The tracking conditions were difficult with sparse grass and gusts to 40mph, Apollo was blown off the second corner and Gana missed the second article and final corner.

October 2011:

We got to meet Search and Rescue dog Blade at a fundraiser for the Search One Rescue Team in Dallas. This was the first time we had seen her since we donated a little ball of black fluff to the team 2 years ago.

September 2011:

Calamity Jane (CJ) completes the AKC STAR Puppy program.

September 2011:

We are currently getting Apollo and Gana ready for the UScA National Championships in Kansas City in November. Click here for the Nationals website.

July 2011:

Congratulations to Cody and Balius, having achieved his SchH1 and got OFA Good Hips and Normal elbows, Balius is now eligible for full AKC registration.

Brimwylf Balius SchH1 AD is a very nice young male with excellent temperament.

Belladonna and Banshee also got OFA Good hips and Normal elbows!

July 2011:

All the C litter pups are now sold. Cassie will be the last to go home in a few weeks when she is ready to travel to Italy.

Calamity Jane (CJ) will be staying here with us.

We wish all the pups and their families the best of luck and many fun years together.

May 2011: Apollo competed at the Working Dog Championships. Unfortunately he did not finish the track and only got 67 points. He did a very nice obedience routine achieving 90 points without a send out and then got 95 points in protection with a very powerful round, he spun the helper on the escape and hit hard on all the grips.
April 18th 2011: The Brimwylf C Litter is born! Click here for information.
April 2011: Big congratulations to Cody and Balius for achieving their first SchH1 with 94-90-96=280!

Apollo also achieved his IPO3 with 95-96-97=288!
February 2011: We are excited to announce that Gana is confirmed pregnant to V Javir vom Talka Marda SchH3 Kkl1 WUSVx3. We are expecting this exceptional litter to arrive in April 2011. Click here for details.
February 2011: Apollo placed 2nd at the 2011 SCR Regional Championships (96-92-96=284) and Gana came 5th (95-92-91=278)! We are very proud of both dogs who worked very nicely despite having ice and snow during the week leading up to the trial. Apollo was also high HOT for SchH3 level and Gana and Apollo tied for high obedience for SchH3 level.
January 2011: Congrats to Cody and Balius and Belladonna for achieving their AD titles!
January 2011: We are moving back to Texas!
December 2010: Apollo and Banshee achieve their AD titles!
November 2010: Congrats to Cody and Balius on their BH title!
November 2010: Gana and Marty competed at the 2010 USA German Shepherd National Championships in Carson City, NV on November 5-7th. Unfortunately we were not able to prepare her for the tracking conditions and she was convinced it turned right after 50 paces, so she did not get a tracking score. She achieved a 92 in obedience with very nice retrieves and send away and an 85 in protection.
September 2010: Gana and Marty won the High Female trophy at the 2010 New England Regional Championship. She scored 88-93-84=265. Gana did a beautiful obedience routine, just a couple of circles in the send away, and a very nice track, unfortunately missing the last article for an expensive 6 points.
August 2010: Apollo achieved his Schutzhund 2 title with 81-85-90=256 on August 7th. He was also awarded the High SchH2 trophy.
July 2010: Gana completed her second Koerrung and is now rated KKl1 for life.
May 2010: Apollo achieved his Schutzhund 1 title with 91-92-90=273 on May 29th. He was also awarded the High SchH1 and High Obedience trophies.
April 2010: Gana passed her Canine Good Citizen and her Temperament Certification on April 18th.

February 2010: Bella and Banshee had OFA prelim x-rays taken and both girls had a Good rating for hips and normal elbows!!

December 2009: Congrats to Boudica and Troy on their Canine Good Citizen Certificate, the first titled pup in our B litter!!

December 2009: Gana completes her 5th SchH3 at Lighthouse Schutzhund Club on Long Island, NY with 97-83-96=276!
November 2009: Congratulations to Judy and Erin (Arien) on their BH title!

November 2009: Apollo finishes his AKC Companion Dog title with 193pts and 4th place at "The Big E" in West Springfield, MA.
August 2009: How to get four dogs and a bunch of stuff in a Trailblazer? Two puppies in little varikennels, two big dogs on car harnesses and a giant U-Haul trailer!

We are all now back in Connecticut.
August 2009: All the B litter pups have gone to their new homes. We wish them and their families the best of luck and many fun years together.

Two pups are coming back to Connecticut with us, Belladonna is Marty's new puppy and Banshee is staying for a few months to begin her training.
July 2009: Apollo passes his BH in Austin.
July 2009: Apollo gets two legs towards his AKC Companion Dog title in Dallas.
June 2009: Apollo receives his OFA hip and elbow ratings. He has OFA Good hips and Normal elbows.
June 13th 2009: The Brimwylf B Litter is born! Click here for information.
May 2009: Gana is confirmed pregnant to Aceofnike van het Bleekhof. Click here for information. Congratulations to Charlie and Nike for their win at the 2009 GSDCA-WDA National Championship with 97-96-96. See you in Germany for the WUSV!
April 2009: Apollo earns his first title, the CGC in Duncanville, TX.
April 2009: Gana has been bred to Aceofnike van het Bleekhof. Click here for information.
November 2008: Gana at the SCR show Gana receives an SG show rating and KKl1 (2009-2010) from Hans Peter Fetten at the South Central Regional Conformation Show in Whitesboro, TX.

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