In Memory
Elessar vom haus Ledda

  •  DOB: May 7 2004
  •  Titles: SchH3 CGC
  •  HD: Dysplastic unilateral
  •  Sire: V Cherokee von den Wolfen SchH3 KKl1
  •  Dam: SG Cora Beim Steinrussel SchH3 FH2 AD KKl1
  •  Pedigree (click here)
SchH Scores:
  •  SchH1: 99-92-95 = 286 V
  •  SchH2: 87-84-95 = 266 G
  •  SchH3: 96-90-94 = 280 SG
    (highest SchH3)
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  • 2 x SchH3
  • 2008 - South Central Regional Championship - 4th place

About Elessar:

Elessar was a very special dog. His mother was Cora beim Steinrussel, a female with excellent tracking abilities, and protection work as powerful as most males. She had numerous high scores and competed at the USA National Championships twice. Elessar was a long awaited puppy from her first litter with Cherokee, a full brother to Falk von den Wolfen who competed 3 times at the BSP in Germany.

Elessar grew into a big, powerful male, with very high drive and a full and calm grip. He was very easy to train and also a very sweet natured dog. He was trained for his titles by our good friend Randall and had much potential for a career at the top levels, but alas, a mysterious illness sent him to Rainbow Bridge at the tender age of 4 years. Rest in peace, big E - we will not forget you.

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Elessar vom haus Ledda Pedigree

Linebreeding: 4-4,5 Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich
V Cherokee von den Wölfen SchH3 KKl1 V Ahron von Granit Rose SchH3 FH SG Brutus vom grauen Stern SchH3 V Neumann's Janko SchH3 IP3
Dolly vom Wildbachtal SchH3 IPO3 FH
Bora vom Schwarzen Milan SchH2 V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich SchH3 (V-BSP) FH
Josi vom Schwarzen Milan SchH2
SG Fina vom Hainpark SchH3 LGA V Jasso von Karthago SchH3 FH IP3 V Harro aus der Lechrainstadt SchH3 (V-BSP) FH IPO3
Xandra von Karthago SchH2 FH
SG Wally aus dem Weinsbergtal SchH3 IPO3 V Falko von Haus Sindern SchH3 (V-LGA) FH
Winni aus dem Weinsbergtal SchH2
Cora beim Steinrussel SchH3 FH2 V Yoschy von der Döllenwiese SchH3 V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft SCHH3 (V-BSP) FH IP3 V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich SchH3 (V-BSP) FH
V Askia vom Froschgraben SchH3 (V-BSP) FH IP3
Mona Von Der Döllenwiese SchH3 V Andy von der Bildsäule SchH3 FH DH2
Elke von der Hardter Höhe SchH1
SG Assi vom Königreich Flieden SchH3 Sid vom Haus Gremm SchH3 (SG-BSP) IP3 V Arec vom Bunsenkocher SchH3 IPO3 FH WUSV KKL1
SG Kimba vom Haus Gremm SchH3
Weika von der Stadt Schmalkalden SchH3 (SG-LGA) IP3 G Bojar vom Salztalblick SchH3
SG Esta vom Flämings-Sand FH