Brimwylf Belladonna

OFA Good/Normal, DM (N/A)
June 13 2009

Bella was a high drive, athletic female. She was quick in protection with full, calm grips and plenty of attitude. She also had excellent natural tracking ability.

Bella passed her IPO1 a few months before her third birthday. Later that year we bred her to Griff von Tajgetosz, she had a single female puppy and proved to be an excellent mother and helped raise other puppies. Her daughter Morganti was a gorgeous bi-color who we trained for 6 months, unfortunately she had 2 p4 teeth missing and went on to another home where she enjoyed Nosework competitions. Bella enjoyed her retirement from competition with a local family, unfortunately she passed away due to cancer just before her 6th birthday.

Bella's mother was our own Gana who was handler-owner-trained by us from a puppy to SchH3 IPO3 FH CD AD TC CGC. Gana was from one of the best German Working Line Kennels, she was line-bred 5-5 Afra vom Stoppenberger Land, with excellent producing Karthago females on her mother's side, and also Mink and Arthus Lunsholz. Gana's father Orry, competed at the BSP and his mother, Wespe is one of the famous 'W' litter Wannaer Höhen.

Bella's father Nike is the 2009 WDA National Champion and also came 2nd at the 2008 WUSV in Kentucky. Nike is line-bred 4-2 on the WUSV champion Link vom Muikenshof and also 4-5 on the famous super-producing female, Umsa vom Bungalow. Nike's father is the renowned WUSV producer - Ufo van Guy's Hof.

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    • 2012 - DFW Working Dog Club - 93-86-81=260 - High IPO1


4 weeks old
6 weeks
4 months
IPO1 - 93-86-81 = 260
IPO1 - 93-86-81 = 260
IPO1 - 93-86-81 = 260
With her daughter Morganti