Working Line German Shepherds


Our Breeding Philosophy

As far as German Shepherds and breeding, we believe the GSD should be a working dog, a dog capable of police work, service, search and rescue or competition level Schutzhund and also a wonderful companion and house dog. We expect a lot from our dogs! Our absolute top priorities are health, temperament and working ability.

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Before you buy a Puppy

Research the German Shepherd breed and the various types and lines and ask yourself which type best fits your family and if you have the time and space to dedicate to training and exercising your dog. German Shepherds are an intelligent breed that love to work for their handlers and need lots of exercise.

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Bodeus goes to the WUSV!

"I've asked myself that a couple of times in the past - a rather interesting theoretical question but one that I hadn't really thought would be of pressing importance. Well, ok, one that I had hoped would become of pressing importance, but maybe in a couple of years time.

But that wasn't to be. Instead, my wife had the temerity to trial her dog, Bodeus, at the WUSV qualifier in Stirling. Worse still, she had the audacity to qualify for the 5th position on the UK's WUSV team for Bratislava. What had been an interesting theoretical question had a very sudden and very real need for an answer."

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Sable Coloration

A chronicle of color changes from puppy to adult featuring our very own CJ from birth to present.

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