Working Line German Shepherds

About us

Brimwylf - Epic Adventures:

The concept of merging excitement and a little bit of terror is something unique to Brimwylf - a way of life from the beginning…

In the late 90's a naïve young Texan boarded a Continental Airlines flight from Houston, Texas to London, England - the first of many such flights. He had never been to England, didn't have a map, and until 2 weeks beforehand, didn't even have a passport. Shortly after arriving he met a slightly crazy british woman... and that was how Brimwylf started, a combination of being lost and being crazy resulting in being in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Two years later, the slightly crazy Brit arrived in Texas (she said it was for the sunshine but I think we all know the truth). Then, the negotiations started - he wanted a Golden Retriever and she wanted a German Shepherd. After endless hours of debate and several margaritas, a compromise was reached - they got both! This slightly misguided decision lead to many adventures - in tracking and obedience, agility and protection, culminating in a trip to the WUSV in 2007 in Bratislava. (In case anyone is keeping score, the German Shepherd won in the end though the Golden was clearly the more handsome animal, or at least he thought so).

And then things got more interesting, another dog, but what a dog! Or to be technically correct, a bitch. In 2005, Gana was imported from Germany for the slightly crazy Brit. However Gana had other ideas, and firmly attached herself to the naïve Texan. Addiction followed along with Schutzhund titles, a 4 year stint in England and our first litter of puppies! Over the next few years, there have been a few more puppies and several titles in Schutzhund/IPO/IGP and AKC.

Our History

The first compromise!